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… An Overview of  the Bail Bond process for Florida Jails.

We understand that most people have never had to call a bail bondsman…but getting a bail bond is not really that complicated.                  All bailbond companies provide the same bond… the difference is in the service level.

When you make the decision of posting a bail bond for someone, you can count on 1 Stop Bail Bonds to get you the bail bond fast.

The bail bond process has 4 steps:

1) Getting information about the defendant – what are the charges, which jail they are being held in, what has bail been set at.         (Don’t worry, we can get this quickly for you.)

2) Next, we look at the situation and do an assessment of the risk. Depending on the risk factors, we may need collateral for the bail bond. If collateral is not available, a co-signer can be required.

3) You, or the defendant, sign a Bail Indemnity Agreement and a Bail Bond Application. Once it’s approved, (typically in a few minutes), you’ll be required to pay a percentage of the  bail bond for our services in posting it… typically 10% of the bail bond’s value. As an example, if the court asks for a $5,000 bail bond, the cost of the bail bond is typically 10% or $500. The fee is charged to write and guarantee the $5,000 bail bond.

4) Once the contract is signed, and the fee is paid, we post the bond, and the defendant is released.


We Provide Bail Bonds for all Jails in Florida… And We Do It Fast.

We help you get a bail bond… fast. We can meet with you at your home, office or you can come to us.
We keep it all private and confidential. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can help you with your Bail Bond.
We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer “credit release by phone” to provide the FASTEST release. Or, if you prefer, we will come to you.

1 Stop Bail Bond provides bail bond for all of the State of Florida jails, including Dade County, Broward County, Monroe County. We are based out of Miami and have agents close to all jails. 
1Stop Bail Bond is affordable and discreet.
We’re fast, easy to work with, and your information is confidential. We’ll get your loved one out of any Florida jail fast.

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